Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Rice Cake with a hint of Coffee 100g 6 per pack (12 per case)

Forever Health Foods Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Rice Cake with a hint of  Coffee 100g 6 per pack (12 per case)

Delicious low fat snack, suitable for vegetarians.There are 82 kcals per cake.

Ingredients: Made with 40% Rice cakes (Wholegrain Brown Rice, Rice) 60%Milk Chocolate (minimum 39% cocoa with a hint of natural vanilla and coffee favour 0.5%)

Shelf Life: 12 months

Inner barcode: 5391525160160

Outer barcode: 05391525160177

Allergens present in the product: Soy and milk

Eventual allergens from cross contamination: nuts

Net weight: 50 g

Gross weight: 54g approx.

Weight of packaging: 4g approx.

Shelf life from production: 10 months

Shelf life guarantee after delivery: 9 months

Conservation: Keep in a cool and in a dry place, do not expose to sunlight or others hot source


For 100g of product - Energy - 482 kcal/2020 kJ, Protein - 6.3g, Carbohydrate 65.2, Of which sugar - 28.2g, Fats 21.2g, Of which saturated - 13.9g, monounsaturated - 6.3g, polyunsaturated - 1.0 g, Fibres 2.7g, Sodium 0.04 g

Servings size (1 cake 17g about) - Energy - 82 kcal/ 343 kJ, Protein - 1.07g,  Carbohydrate 11.1g, Of which sugar - 4.8g, Fats 3.6g, Of which saturated - 2.4g, monounsaturated -1.1g, polyunsaturated - 0.2 g, Fibres 0.5g, Sodium 0.01 g


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